Bi fold Conservatory Patio Doors Prices & Security

Making your patio doors safe

With most bi-fold conservatory doors being fitted to the rear of a property, they can sometimes present an inviting target for burglars so it makes sense to fit as many security features as possible to prevent your home becoming the target of an opportunist burglar through a set of insecure double glazed doors.

Bi fold Conservatory Patio Doors Prices & SecurityA simple bolt can sometimes be enough to deter an intruder as they rely on speed and low noise to make their entrance – having a dead bolt or two fitted on the inside of the door frame could slow them down enough to make them give up.

More sophisticated all round multi-point locks are not really an ‘aftermarket’ option, but if you are fitting a new patio door then they are a ‘must’ as is having at least a 5 lever mortise main key lock. Choose lock barrels that are bump, snap & drill proof for the best security.

It’s tough to do anything about your existing glazed panels, but if you add filming to the inside – and there are some good tinted low-e options around – it can help, especially if you have glass that is not tempered or toughened because it will keep the glass in the frame even if the glass is shattered.

Anti-lift tracks should be fitted to all new doors, but if you have older ones without this type of track, fit a dead bolt low down on the side of frame so that when you shoot the bolt it stops the door being levered up.

‘Secured by design’ doors have a good reputation as these are approved by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

Cost of Veranda Conservatories

Variations on Lean-to Conservatory Styles

With this variation on the design of fully fitted conservatories the roofing panes extend over the front or leading edge of the conservatory frame.

fully fitted conservatoriesThis takes the glass further forward so that it carries out over the frame to create a covered and weather protected seating area where you can sit outside of the room but still enjoy decent protection from the outside weather.

Structural strengthening or modifications should be taken into consideration when exceeding a projection of over 4 metres, and depending on the size and location of your lean to Conservatory, it is also prudent to consider any building regulation or planning permission requirements.

For Conservatories, security is to a high standard with tempered safety glass as standard, multi- point locking for doors and window openers. Dwarf walls or brickwork added to bring “character” is often a feature, as it gives more “texture” to the look, making your room visually more interesting.

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Solar Panels cost changes

UK Feed in tariff & solar panels cost

Solar Panels cost changesThe deadline for the latest Feed in tariff review has just passed and fortunately (and unusually) the government has confirmed through OFGEM that the rate of tariff for domestic Solar PV Panels installations up to 4.0kWp are to remain the same, no decrease or increase, until December 2015.

The table for tariff rates related to differing renewable energy sources is now becoming quite complex, with 3 bands, higher, middle & lower, so to find more detail it is best to look at the OFGEM tables:

However, the Feed in tariff is set to be drastically reduced in January 2016, so now could be a good time to investigate some options.

There is a lot of useful information and free quote facilities for solar panels at the following website:

Double glazing prices for extras

Hidden costs of double glazing

A lot of us quite like to get a general idea of local double glazing quotes online before we get serious about buying anything and without doubt, when potentially spending a lot of money we are inclined to do this kind of thing first. But for when you are looking for the best double glazed windows cost online you could get unintentionally mislead by the ‘headline price’.

Double glazing prices for extrasThe thing is, when you ask a double glazing window installer for a price over the phone or an estimate, you may not think about the little things that you need to tell them in order to get a realistic price.

Did you know that for every window that opens some installers make an extra charge? Or if you are fitting casement windows into a space where old box sash windows used to be then you will be charged extra for ‘making good’. Even things like the type of cills or window furniture can add costs to the job – so the only way to know for sure is to get a written quote for the cost of your own double glazed windows, not the average cost.